Book Review :: Date Night In by Ashley Rodriguez

Food is the tie that nurtures and binds - lovers, spouses, family, friends... It's more than just something that feeds our bodies, it nourishes our minds and souls. There's an experience that comes with sharing something wonderful whether a journey, a glass of wine, or a great meal, that makes the experience that much more extraordinary. Love often begins with food. A date at a restaurant followed by another and perhaps a home cooked meal... Then love flourishes and often from this love children arrive, making a formidable entrance and forever changing our lives and our meals. 

Ashley Rodriguez, author of the formidable, beautiful, and award-winning blog, Not Without Salt, and mother to three young children, was determined not to let her relationship with her husband deteriorate into what she described as "roommates with children." Tight on time and money, and with babysitters scarce, Ashley says she turned to her modest kitchen to be the place to ignite their dates. iPads and computers were replaced by cocktails and lingering over the stove, creating both a memorable meal and evening. For more read here