Dress your walls :: Why paper is better than paint

It wasn't that long ago when wallpaper was generally looked down upon. While there were gorgeous homes with gorgeous papered walls, there seemed to be among the masses, a bit of a backlash for a while. Wallpaper was viewed as passe, old and antiquated. It reminded us the the tired, prissy and overly frilly prints of our great grandmother's era. The once bright and happy walls had over the years faded and become dirty. First time homeowners with limited budgets worked feverishly to tear down the old paper and opted to paint their walls with paint instead. The 1980s and 1990s saw walls in various shades of Robin's egg colors, much faux marbling, faux leather and other techniques that seemed (thank goodness) to be a flash in the pan. Many of these trends were spurred on by then Homemaking Doyenne, Martha Stewart. In order to modernize and update our homes, whether or not we chose to embrace Martha's suggestions or not, went through the laborious task of taking down those old papers. This task often was painful enough for us to vow that we'd never again put anything on our walls, save for a coat of paint or two! But the pain of removing wallpaper, like the pain of childbirth, is easily forgotten, and this is a good thing. For more read here.