Oven roasted tomatoes :: Healthy bites for a healthy New Year

I'm a pretty healthy eater, generally speaking. Yet over the holidays many of my good habits were blown away by the wind and I found myself face to face with rich and decadent holiday foods that sometimes got the best of me. I enjoyed them all dearly, but now's time to face reality and get back to a healthier lifestyle. When we eat foods laden with sugars and fats our tastebuds are tricked into believing that all these are needed to make our food taste good. But I believe that simplicity is best a touch of salt, a drizzle of oil, simple spices bring out the best of nature's bounty.

As I try to stay away from carbohydrates, alcohol and sugar for the next week or so, I must focus on the choices I have. In so doing I've been reminded of just how wonderful and flavorful real food it. How satisfying it is as well. This is not to say that I won't indulge ever again but simply to rediscover and appreciate how good, good food is. I've been eating lots of tomatoes. Sometimes plain, sprinkled with salt or drizzled with the tiniest amount of olive oil, salt and pepper. Yesterday, I decided to roast them to try something new. I never really liked oven roasted, or broiled tomatoes in the past, but as I roasted, and the longer I roasted them for, I discovered that they become something altogether different. 

Tomatoes, as with all other veggies, become tender and sweet when roasted. The longer they're roasted the sweeter and more tender they become and their water content diminishes. Roasted tomatoes have an altogether unique flavor - one that is richer and bolder. They're great eaten alone, work beautifully as a side to any entree, with eggs or as a topping for pasta. For recipe read here.