Soulful Sunday...

I've always been an early riser - my whole life. I was never one of those teenagers who could sleep well into the afternoon after a late night. No matter how late I stayed up I always got up early.  Thank goodness I've always been a great napper. Now that I am grown with my own children - one who can easily sleep well into the afternoon if I let him - I relish the early mornings. I love the peace , quiet and calm that accompanies them. It's during the quiet of the morning that I can think and see clearly and focused and can look at yesterday's problems with a clarity I would not have had the night before, when body, mind and soul are beyond exhausted. It's during the quiet of the morning that, without interference from children, cell phones and the noise of social media buzzing on my laptop that I can make sound decisions. It's during those early morning hours that I can prepare and plan for the day and week ahead. And so on Sunday morning when it seems that all the world is asleep except for me, I set the wheels turning for the week ahead. 

As many mothers do, I always feel in flux - torn between my role as a mother and a desire to make a long-standing career dream come true. For the past 16 years I have put the needs of my children ahead of my own - If I were to do this until the last one leaves the nest I would have to wait another 10 years. This would be a total of 26 years that I would be putting my dreams on hold. As a mother it's a difficult decision. We want to do the best by our children and for our children. But for those of us who are lucky enough to have dreams and goals and passions, we simply cannot ignore them. I never want to look back and have a regret - I don't want to look back and wonder why I hadn't taken an opportunity to meet someone, do something different, try something new, take a chance... I don't want to look back and regret - and mostly I don't want to look back with resentment - angry with my children, angry with myself...

Life is about taking chances - trying new things - meeting new people... Mostly it's about throwing caution to the wind, coloring outside of the lines, thinking outside the box... So on this Sunday morning - with my children in their beds, quietly snoring away, I will plan the week ahead and see how I can best set the wheels in motion... I will get some work done, I will relax - maybe I will drink copious amounts of coffee and watch copious amounts of Netflix and make a large family breakfast that we will eat for lunch (because the teenage boy will not be awake during any of the breakfast hours.) I will take the day to recharge and relax... to count my blessings - grateful for all that I do have and yet not afraid to want for more. 


What will you do this Sunday?