Slow + Simple :: Finding the extraordinary in the most ordinary of places

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I accompanied my daughter on a photo shoot yesterday afternoon for a photography assignment. I will jump at any chance to get behind the lens. One of my favorite places to shoot is about a mile away from my house, down by the harbor. Remnants from yesteryear are still in tact - old rope, old wood and lots of rust. The sea air will do that - Its salty wetness turns everything around it to rust. The town could have done away with these old rusty items - the old buoys, ropes and pulleys, anchors, even the old shack with rotting wood and rusty hinges. But they're all still there, sharing with us an incredible weathered and storied past - an open air museum.  Just feet away are several docks where you can board your skiff. As we look out onto the harbor and the inlet, beautiful and majestic boats are tethered to the bottom, waiting to set sail once again. The edge of the nearby country club sits just across - lush, green and beautiful - all this such a stark contrast to the old rusty remnants. But the beauty of the harbor, the large boats and the country club, is really just a different kind of beauty. Look closely, zoom in - these objects - hardly symbols of luxury, lacking perhaps the exquisiteness directly surrounding them - are far from ordinary. These are reminders that there's beauty in everything, sometimes you have to look a little harder.