If Karma was a cookie :: The Cookie of Sweet Revenge!

I came across these adorably clever cookies quite by accident a while ago. But they made me smile and I knew that I had to do something with them, so I tucked the images away and then stumbled across them again this morning. The above image, the Voo Doo cookie, is part of a Voodoo Cookie making kit. But we don't need to get so complicated as to purchase a kit when all we need is a gingerbread man cookie cutter, your favorite sugar, chocolate or ginger cookie recipe, some colored frosting, and some raisins. Push pins and buttons are completely optional.

We've all had people bring us down, do wrong and hurt us - whether intentionally or not. And we've all had friends who've been passed over for a promotion or lost a love to a scheming, plotting no good, nothing! Wouldn't these be lovely to send to a friend as a cheerful pick me up? You can send them, pre-made of course, to your friend in need. Feel free to add the monogram or the name of the offending person! 

Send Karma Cookies in a well sealed container along with a small package of pushpins. You may not make someone's day, but I guarantee you will at least make them smile!