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Healthy Bites :: Crispy Smoky Chicpeas

Image via The Entertaining House/Jessica GOrdon Ryan

Image via The Entertaining House/Jessica GOrdon Ryan

With the holidays fast approaching we will be going out more and eating more. Our goal is to provide you with some simple, healthy and easy ideas for snacks, meals, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres that you can eat at home or serve up for friends and family for a holiday meal or a holiday party. I will also be sharing some low carb, lower fat and gluten-free options as well.  Chickpeas are so healthy, packed with vitamins and proteins. While many tend to think of them as an accessory to a salad rather than something to be snacked on on their own, I am here to tell you that they make the most wonderful, healthy snack. For more read here.

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