Lightened up (Leftover Turkey) Caesar Salad

I love a really good Caesar salad. The problem is most of them are loaded with fat and sodium - that's what makes them good though, isn't it?! A few years back I found a Caesar dressing recipe in Cooking Light that had about half the fat and calories and all of the taste. We made that salad all the time. The page on the magazine was dog eared and that pages had a good bit of splatters on them. It was a very well loved issue and recipe. And then I moved. Not once but twice and in the packing mayhem the magazine disappeared. The good thing is I had made the recipe so many times that I knew roughly what the ingredients were, and therefore I was able to tweak them to taste. Regardless of recipe, I'm always tweaking. This is a really good and healthy way to use up some of your leftover holiday turkey. For more read here.