Dining out in Fairfield County :: Brick + WOOD

 Brick + WOOD - Fairfield, CT Image Jessica Gordon Ryan

Brick + WOOD - Fairfield, CT
Image Jessica Gordon Ryan

I do love writing food reviews and going out to my press dinners. I love it even more when the restaurant is really good. Often, even with really great selections, there are items that fall off the mark and disappoint a bit. Every once in a while you happen upon a place where everything you try is divine. Brick + Wood is just that place. Now, of course, I feel the need to preface my pieces by saying that food, like art, is really all subjective. What I may love, you may not. 

Paolo and Clara Cavalli  opened Brick + WOOD in The Brick Walk in Fairfield, Connecticut just 3 weeks ago to a steady stream of very happy diners.  For the review read here.