15 ways to beat the Monday Blues...

The weekend is over and for many it means heading back to the office and even though you love your job, it's still Monday and there are still demands, requirements and obligations that are pressing and urgent, and tedious tasks that must be tended to before the day is over.

If you've had a relaxing weekend it can be difficult to switch back into high gear. If you've had a long and busy weekend, most likely you're looking for some sort of respite, not plowing full steam ahead. At home you can procrastinate some - at the office you can't. Deadlines loom and there are many relying on you. Later isn't an answer or an option. We can't stop Monday from coming but we can make Monday easier.

1. Rock out to your favorite tunes on your way to work. This almost always puts me in a good mood.

2. Bring in some home made banana bread or other treat to share with co-workers. I don't know what it is about food, but it's got magical powers! Perhaps you'd rather steer clear of the sugary sweets...

3.Pick up a coffee for you and a co worker or two on your way in. You'll make their day and in doing so you'll start your day off on a positive note.

4. Make 2 lists. One list should be for all those projects that need your attention. The second list should be a purely fun list of all the things you want to do over the course of the week.

5. Make plans for the week so that you have some fun things to look forward to. It could be lunch or dinner with friends, a manicure, a hair cut. It should be something that will make you happy and feel feel better about yourself. 

6. Try a new gym routine. Try your hand kickboxing, Pilates, Pound or kettlebell. Most gyms offer free trial classes. Don't belong to a gym? Then sign up. Working out releases those feel good endorphins.  

7. Don't go straight home after work if you don't have to. Many of us have children and so this is not an option but if you can, why wait until Friday for Happy Hour? Stop off for a glass of wine before you head home. If you have a family to get back to, order take out for dinner or go out to eat. Break up the routine a bit. 

8. A little retail therapy can always help, whether a new pair of shoes, sunnies or hand-bag. On a budget? A bouquet of lilies or a fragrant candle can do wonders to lift the spirits. 

9. Get out of the office. Even a quick 10 or 15 minute brisk walk in the middle of the day can clear your head and lift your spirits. 

10. Take a leisurely late lunch and eat it out, if you can. Don't bring it back to your desk.

11. Run out for some afternoon coffees to break that midday slump.

12. Make plans with someone to try something different this week. Go to a painting, sewing or needlepoint class. 

13. Sign up for a course that meets on Mondays. Follow your passion. Enroll yourself in that cooking, flower arranging or photography class.

14. Make a point to go home and do nothing. Put on your flannel pajamas, pop some Jiffy Pop, watch a movie, pour yourself a glass of wine.

15. Start looking into planning a long weekend somewhere.