Bring the outdoors in :: 10 simple ideas to transition your home for fall

It's officially fall and has been for a while now. Our days have gotten much shorter and for many of us, much cooler. We've shut our windows, and for the first time we've turned on the heat and lit our first fires of the season. Our trees are turning quickly, some of us are at peak and some of us are already past that, with bare trees and orange, red and brown leaves now blanketing the ground. Our ovens are getting used more now, and they're preparing heartier meals that warm our hearts and soul. The wonderful aromas of roasts, stews and soups permeate the air as they simmer away. We'll put our summer clothes away for the season and bring out our heavy sweaters, corduroys, velvets, leathers and furs. We will do this for our homes as well. For more read here.