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Chocolate Chip Heaven

Jessica Gordon Ryan

Jessica Gordon Ryan

Crunchy or Chewy?
Who says you can't please everyone all of the time? Well, maybe not all of the time, but you certainly can some of the time. Now, you may be thinking, by looking at the picture above, that everyone likes chocolate chip cookies. And well, yes they do... but because my family can never seem to agree on anything even choosing the chips can be disastrous here. One person wants semi-sweet, the other wants milk chocolate and another yet wants white chocolate. Making a decision in this family is never easy - even when it comes to chocolate chip cookies! The solution was really quite simple, so very logical and perfect. Why argue over which chip to use when you can use all of them! And that's what we did. I'm not sure we will ever be a single chip family ever again. The trio of flavors made for a winning combination. My 9 year old came up with the name for these. I think the name says it all. For more click Here.

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