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Collections :: Why every home should have one - What you need and what you don't

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Most of us have a collection of some sort - maybe one, maybe even several. A collection is the act or process of collecting someone or something. It's also a group of people or things. A collection may start intentionally, or not. I've never really thought of myself as a collector but I certainly have small collections in my home - matches from restaurants here and abroad, silver candlesticks, rolling pins, cabbage pottery, coffee mugs, cookbooks, seashells, copper pots and pans and interesting pieces of silverware that I have both inherited or found at antique stores or flea markets, and a collection of old New Yorker covers.  For more click on the following link: https://the-entertaining-house.squarespace.com/the-entertaining-house-fashion-decor/2014/10/13/0t3582x5q1uj1zdkis4ln6lgusaooz

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