The Best thing you can do for yourself in the New Year

 This New Year Promise to be kind. To yourself! (image via Averie Woodard)

This New Year Promise to be kind. To yourself!
(image via Averie Woodard)

Be kind.
To yourself.

Whether you're making resolutions or not this year, I want you to promise to be kinder to yourself. We, especially women, are our worst critics. We tend to focus on our faults rather than our assets. We tend to be fixated with our weaknesses rather than our strengths. We tend to hone in on our mistakes and failures rather than our successes.

Let's all vow, this year - in 2018 - to turn that all around.
Let's find and focus on those strengths, successes and all the good things that we have to offer.
Let's not worry about perfection, but strive each day to be the best that we can be.
Let's stop comparing ourselves to others - comparison really is the thief of joy. 

Do the best that you can do.
Be the best that you can be.

Some days you'll be better, stronger, faster than others... and that's ok.
Some days you'll give it your all and feel as though you've come short.
And some days you'll struggle just to get out of bed, to put pen to paper, to pedal at all let alone with strength and speed... but you made the effort, and effort is more important than success. 

Some days you'll succeed.
Some days you won't.
And that's OK.

So this year make yourself a promise to be kinder and gentler to yourself.
We're almost a week into the New Year. Many of us have set up goals, and no doubt many of us may have slipped some already. And that's OK. We are tough. We are strong. We haven't failed. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on that treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mat... So you had a slice of bread, a piece of chocolate... So what?! Tomorrow's a new day, and there happen to be 358 more of them!