Pop secret: The Ultimate healthy snack gets dressed up


One of the reasons (I think) that eating and snacking healthily tends to be difficult is because the healthier items are those that require advance prep and when you're really hungry or really wanting to satisfy a craving you want a quick fix - and sometimes you want something a little more exciting than carrot sticks and celery or a piece of fruit.  

Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack. Bar none. Let me edit that, freshly popped popcorn is my all-time favorite snack. I don't do microwave popcorn. Ever. Jiffy Pop is fun and my kids love it, but even that pales in comparison to stove-top freshly-popped corn. But it has to be popped in such a way. This requires a certain amount of olive oil and salt. But my secret and what takes this completely over the top is White Truffle Oil. I use white over black truffle oil because it's milder. I also use a combination of olive and truffle oils so that the truffle is present but doesn't overwhelm. (I have tried adding Parmesan to it, but I preferred it without, the subtle flavor of the truffle shining through.)  I also add plenty of sea salt which makes it seem like such a decadent snack, so naughty and perfectly satisfies your crunch and salt cravings. Unlike all the other snacks that do, there's actual nutritional value here not to mention a ton of fiber! I make a potful and keep it on the stove-top. My kids adore it as well and as a result they're less likely to reach for the less healthy options in the pantry - aka our Carb Closet! 



Olive oil
White Truffle Oil
Popcorn kernels - I prefer organic
Sea Salt
A large pot with lid - if you have a glass lid use it!


Fully coat the bottom of your pot with a combination of the olive and truffle oils (roughly 3-4 tbs)
Add a very generous amount of salt to the bottom of the pan (the popcorn will absorb some but much will also stick to the pan)
Turn the heat on to high
Add enough kernels to fully cover the olive oil
Listen, or watch, as the kernels begin to pop
Turn the heat down slightly and gently shake the pot
Listen carefully and when the popcorn slows and nearly stops popping remove the pot from the burner. WARNING: The bottom will be very hot so place on a hot plate or on another burner.
Remove the lid and carefully drizzle more Truffle Oil over the popcorn.
Add more sea salt and some pepper to taste

If its not devoured right away it tastes as good the next day!