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Meet Julia Burger of Julia B. at Bespoke Designs for the unveiling of the Exclusive, Limited Collezione a Quattro Mani

Meet Julia Burger of Julia B. at Bespoke Designs for the unveiling of the Exclusive, Limited Collezione a Quattro Mani


Bespoke Designs LLC is delighted to announce the offering of Julia B’s limited edition collection, Quattro Mani, the finest in table-top dining. The limited four collections are named after the designer’s favorite Italian destinations, Como, Firenze, Roma and Venezia, as a tribute to the Italian Heritage of the three other hands bringing this new collection to life.

This highly Limited Edition will be comprised of no more than a total of 499 complete sets, containing 12 place settings each, to be produced and sold for the 2017 Edition. The complete line, seen on Moda Operandi , is available at select retail locations only. Bespoke Designs is honored to be the exclusive carrier for the Fairfield and Westchester County areas for 2017.

The collection will include hand embroidered and appliqued linens (placemats, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins), hand designed ceramic plates (dinner plate, soup/pasta bowl, salad plate and dessert plate), hand blown and cut crystal glassware, and hand engraved silverware. Each of the Collezione a Quattro Mani designs was initially inspired by vintage collections of Julia and her friends, then re-designed and enhanced to introduce a sense of modernity, vivacity and color to the collection and then finally extended across each of the various media, from linen, to ceramics, crystal and silver and indeed in one exceptional case, gold. As with all Julia B. products, each of the four collections has been carefully coordinated to be personalized with one of the beautiful hand designed monograms.

Julia B Quattro Mani COMO.png
Julia B Quattro Mani ROMA.png
Julia B Quattro Mani VENEZIA.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.44.10 PM.png

No more than 499 fortunate and fast-acting customers will have the opportunity to enjoy this 1st edition of La Collezione a Quattro Mani. For those who miss out Julia B. has declared its intention for this to be an annual endeavor and next year will see a new 2018 Edition of Collezione A Quattro Mani come to life with new designs and new inspirations. Each customer will receive a beautiful hand signed (by Julia B. herself) certificate attesting to the limited-edition nature of La Collezione a Quattro Mani as well as its authenticity.


Julia B. makes its products to order, meticulously managing the production process each and every step of the way. Perhaps most importantly, with human hands so central to everything it creates, it recognizes the need to respect that a minimum of time is simply necessary for all of this fabulous handwork to come to life. It was for these reasons that Julia B. placed a global production and distribution limit on this collection in order to ensure that the need for absolute quality would also be aligned with its artisans’ needs and their personal availability.

While MODA Operandi is the exclusive partner for the global launch of La Collezione a Quattro Mani, Bespoke Designs is honored to be included among a small handful of carefully selected partners, each of which provides the finest in design and fashion expertise as well as the exceptional customer service that goes hand in hand with collections of this type.

Julia B will be at the Bespoke Designs Studio in person on October 11th and 12th from 9:30 – 7:00 PM to launch this highly anticipated collection in person. For additional information about the Quattro Mani line, as well as events scheduled contact, Jessicagordonryan@gimletmarketing.com, hello@bespoke.com, or call 203-557-6777.

About Julia B.
Julia B. was conceived and launched in 2002 by founder and CEO Julia Berger. Julia was raised in both Tokyo and San Francisco by a Japanese mother and an American father. Julia’s extensive travels in Asia, the Americas as well as Europe continue to fuel her passion for fine, hand-made products which are the foundation of today’s extensive Julia B. Collections. The combination of Asian simplicity mixed with a European tradition of extraordinary craftsmanship have been brought to life by Julia with inventiveness, freshness and style.

Julia B. designs and produces some of the world’s finest and most exclusive products for the home, combining hand-crafted artisanry with their exclusive designs to deliver beautiful products all carefully made to our customers’ personal specifications. The Julia B. Signature collections now extend from beautiful handmade linens for the bedroom and dining room to vintage inspired plates, glassware and silverware along with fabulous gift, bridal and baby items.

About Bespoke Designs
Founded by designer Shari Lebowitz, Bespoke Designs is a unique one-stop destination for the aesthete searching for exclusive luxury offerings, including custom-made stationery, invitations, couture linens, customized tableware, and carefully curated hostess gifts. Upstairs, the sunny second-floor atelier wows guests with its display of magnificent papers, invitations, pens and notebooks. Outfitted with elegant Japanese seagrass from Phillip Jeffries and hand printed wallpaper from Farrow and Ball, along with a mix of furnishings, both classic and contemporary, the shop’s vibe has the intimate feel of a private in-home studio which also serves as an intimate setting for events, several of which are being planned for the fall and early winter months.

Shari believes that “All celebrations begin and end with paper. Whether you’re planning an elegant wedding, a formal dinner party or a casual summer barbeque, the invitation sets the tone, while a personal handwritten note on a beautiful piece of stationery perfectly concludes the “celebration.”  


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