Christmas Wrapping... Naturally!

As I've recently shared ideas with you in regards to dressing your holiday tables and homes naturally I thought why not continue on with the theme, and wrap those gifts naturally as well. Children will most likely prefer those bright paper packages that glimmer beneath shimmering trees, but everyone else will likely love and appreciate simpler wraps using greens and other items found in nature. 

Brown, white and black craft (butcher) papers are available in large rolls that can be enjoyed for a variety of uses. Newspapers and paper shopping bags can be recycled to create the perfect canvas for your natural holiday wrappings. Cut greens from bushes in your back yard as well as those from your tree will add the right amount of pattern to your paper. You can also use herbs such as lavender, sage, and rosemary. If you're careful holly with berries will add a perfect pop of color - don't prick yourself! Magnolia leaves and stems of boxwood can also be used. So can pine cones (try dipping them or spraying them in paint), cinnamon sticks, dehydrated fruit and even fresh fruit. Gift cards can be fabricated from old (and new) photographs, postcards and recycled Christmas cards, or store bought ones of course. Add some silver bells for a little jingle. Your ribbon can be as simple as string, rope, baker's twine, twine, velvet and grosgrain ribbon of assorted widths, colors and patterns. I promise you that when you wrap organically your packaging will be as adored as what's hiding inside them!

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