Dining in Connecticut :: Stamford's The Fez scheduled to re-open August 15th, 2015

The Fez first opened its doors in 2010 in the heart of downtown Stamford, with a Moroccan inspired menu, eclectic wine offerings,  and an underground vibe that included steady stream of diverse musicians. After a summer-long renovation process to enhance The Fez experience that patrons have grown to love, the restaurant will once again open its doors this weekend. 
“The original inception of The Fez laid down the foundation, “says Eric Monte, creator and operator of The Fez, “Now it’s time to take things to the next level. We are not reinventing the wheel here – we are just making things a whole lot Fezzier.”
Diners will notice a stunning interior transformation that  includes a stunningly renovated dining room, bar, and performance space, framed in vibrant red walls, bursting with eclectic artwork, and posh drapery. With a bar that has nearly doubled in size and the addition of a stage-side bar section music enthusiasts will enjoy front row seating while enjoying drinks and dinner. The stage area is enhanced with contemporary lighting and the entire space is wrapped in a state of the art sound system.
Diners can also look forward to more of The Fez’s vibrant Moroccan / Mediterranean cuisine which takes it cues from The Spice Route - the name given to the network of sea routes where fragrant spices were traded from the west coast of Japan, through the islands of Indonesia, India, the Middle East, and across the Mediterranean to Europe.

In addition to customer favorites the new menu will feature a large selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Bold and flavorful dishes include; Baba Ganoush, a classic Turkish roasted eggplant puree served with Fez pita chips; Spanakopita “Raviolis” filled with spinach and feta cheese, wrapped in filo dough with toasted pine nuts and kalamata olives;  Shrimp Falafel, house made falafel stuffed with shrimp and served with a trio of dipping sauces: artichoke sauce, fennel dip and harissa mayo; Grilled Octopus with harissa mango sauce and fried fava beans; Vegan Pizzet topped with arugula and dried apricots and drizzled with Moroccan Aragon oil; Chicken Aroub over sumac braised onions and walnuts and topped with toasted pine nuts; Filet of Tenderloin (two 4 ounce filets) served napoleon style with potato cake and an olive truffle drizzle; and Charmoula Wild Salmon cooked in an aromatic Moroccan spiced rub and seasoned sauce, served with saffron couscous, cracked green olives and fennel salad. For wine enthusiasts, Eric Monte promises a "wine list [that] will evolve constantly and we have crafted an extended beverage program which will highlight our popular seasonal spirit infusions and lend itself to even more food pairings.” 

The changes extend beyond the restaurant, a refreshed brand that encompasses The Fez’s signature fez hat and scimitar sword, will now introduce the iconic fez hat clad monkey, a traditional companion to the Turkish accordion players. Patrons will also be able to navigate through a brand new web site, complete with menus, event information and an in-depth live music calendar.

Join The Fez for its grand re-opening and unveiling on August 15 and celebrate Eric’s, “Papa Fez” Birthday! Opening night will feature the Casablanca Project and The Juicy Grapes, along with special guest appearances from Bobby and Eric’s talented musician friends.