How can a Goliath of Preppy retail steal from the little guy?

In this world of big box stores overrunning and destroying our scenic landscapes and sacrificing quality in order to save a buck, it's nice to see the small craftsman succeed and grow and become successful. That's what America's all about, after all. It's the land of opportunity and the American Dream. It's about being made and sold in America. Not in China or Taiwan or Godknowswhere. But right here in our own backyards.

I saw this photograph on Twitter the other day and it really upset me. Photographed are two belts, one created by hand and the other, no doubt, in some large factory. How can a large Goliath of Preppy Retail steal from the Davids of the industry. Yes, surely imitation is indeed the most sincere form of flattery, but in my skeptical eye this is less about imitation but downright, blatant theft.

When you look closely the true craftsmanship and detail stands out without a shadow of a doubt. But this true craftsman is not yet known to the masses, though his talent and popularity is certainly growing and garnering recognition and praise.

I want to say a big Shame on You to Land's End. I am so very disappointed in you. You've been a staple in my family for years with your canvas boat totes, affordable, attractive durable children's wear and not to mention the boxes, piled high, filled with school uniforms and backpacks that have graced our closets over the years. You've been good to us, but I remain disheartened and disappointed.

Kiel James Patrick, a name synonymous with preppy couture, is all about artisan craftsmanship. His products are completely American made right down to the threads he uses.

The Kiel James Patrick (KJP) design studio and factory is located in Rhode Island, just a few miles from the places the brand found its inspiration. As his company grows KJP vows to continue supporting local businesses as well as continue to provide jobs to the people of the United States.

For more information on Kiel James Patrick, his brand and products please stop by his website, and be sure to visit the gorgeous blog Vickers & Patrick.

Should anyone from Land's End be reading this, I do believe a sincere form of apology is in order. This is not simply two great minds thinking alike. It simply isn't so.

As someone just starting a company of her own, I find this particularly upsetting.



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Now, while we're on the subject of Preppy fashion all you Fairfield County folk don't forget to stop by JmcLaughlin in Westport tonight for The Naptime Chef's book-signing from 6 - 8:00pm!

Angela Moore fashion show to benefit The International Tennis Hall of Fame

It's like going home.

I learned to play tennis at The International Tennis Hall of Fame. If you're a local you just call it The Hall of Fame or you call it The Casino. We did anyhow. And that's where I got my Chrissy Evert swing. She was my hero. Now she's old. As am I. After shoulder surgery and numerous re-injuries let's just say my swing ain't got that thing!

I grew up and went to college and returned to Newport in the summertime. No longer taking lessons (it was time to get a job) I returned each summer to help out as a member of the tournament staff. I worked on the Volvo and Virginia Slims events and had a blast. Eventually I graduated and had to move on to more grown up and responsible things. I left Newport for Greenwich, Connecticut and have not traveled far since.

I still love to return to the Hall of Fame. I love to bring my children there too. Perhaps one day they too will take lessons on the grass courts.

I was thrilled beyond words when I was asked to accompany The Daily Basics Editor Cynthia Bogart along with Gretchen Aubuchon of Gretchen Aubuchon Designs to a Champagne breakfast and fashion show sponsored by Angela Moore to benefit the Hall of Fame. Love Angela Moore. Love the Hall of Fame... How could I possibly turn down such a fabulous offer? Even better my aunt will be modeling some of the collection at Angela Moore!

If you are near or in the Newport area and are interested, I do believe there are still tickets available. Click here for more information.

Summertime is for Preppies. And it doesn't get preppier than this!