Dinner's in the bag!

As most of you know I loathe to go to the grocery store. I triple loathe it when I have three little heathens with me. How lucky that I can avoid it, for the most part, this time of year. We have so many local farms within just a couple of miles. All of them are abundant with brightly colored fruits and veggies that are freshly picked. We are even lucky enough to have a local bakery deliver some of its freshly baked breads to one of them. This proves for some yummy and healthy meals. (Which is great in light of all the baking we've been doing around here!)

Last night we had a salad made from mixed greens and heirloom tomatoes, bread and my garlic butter spread. The kids gobbled it all up. The night before we had tomato, asiago and basil sandwiches on fresh baguettes... and yes, in the bag you will see something that I did not get at the farm stand... my bottle of Pimm's. It's summertime after all, and my liquor cabinet requires this on one of its shelves!

Pictured below, simple sandwiches packed with flavor... add a drizzle of olive oil just prior to serving!

Wonder what the farm will provide for us today? Unfortunately we're running low on some all important staples of the paper kind that cannot be purchased at the local farm... I am so procrastinating!