According to The Wall Street Journal  orange is the color of the Spring season. So agrees New York Magazine.  They must have read my post a year ago. I wrote about my love of orange here. You had no idea I was such a trend-setter, did you?!

Orange. I'm mad about it. It excites me. It energizes me. Bows (if done right) are marvelous.

This dress is sublime. Marvelous. It's an Isaac Mizrahi. I love him for it. This dress was made for me!

The kids and I are off to Newport for the weekend. We have a bunch of exciting things on our list including a Harbor Seal tour! The weather is supposed to be beautiful and we all need to get away and spend some time in the nearly-Spring air! I'll have my cameras with me and promise you loads of pictures when we return!

Orange You Inspired?

I was sitting at the hair salon the other day flipping through all the lovely glossies, pouring over them much like a child who is suddenly given permission to go to a Candy Bar... I was feverish, fast, frenzied... I devoured the pages, savored the eye candy, the fabulous fashions, marvelous decor. I hate going to the Salon. For one, I cannot sit still. I get antsy and fidget. Magazines: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Vogue, etc distract me and keep me temporarily focused. In one such magazine was a stunning orange watch. Big bold and bright. Stylish. Masculine and elegant. I wanted that watch there and then. It was much too much money! I love the color orange. It's fresh and vibrant and such a happy color! It started a few years ago when I got an orange Burberry quilted coat, followed by an orange down vest, followed by Mango colored loafers from JCrew. I have orange sweaters, shirts and skirts. Orange is bright and springy and a perfect color to take us from the cold, depths of this long dreary and dismal winter into the warm days of early Spring. Orange is sweet and spicy and saucy. Orange will put a little zing in your smile, a little bounce in your step, a little Zip in your Zippity Doo Dah Day! Orange is inspiring and invigorating!


Add some color to your morning shower.
A assortment of orange towels should see to it that you always have a Golden Day!

Bliss Blood Orange body Scrub will leave you feeling fresh,
energized and ready for anything that may come your way!


Ahh, J'adore Annick Goutal! 
When we honeymooned at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris all our supplied toiletries were provided by Annick Goutal... who couldn't resist filling up one's pockets every time the cleaning carts came by... Please do not judge me! Lightly orangy scented Niroli spritzed on your wrists will remind you of happy times.


Big, beautiful and Breitling!
This would be my pick of my orange pockets would allow!


Classic, stylish and traditional Prep this happy orange Lacoste watch is tops on my list!

(Image courtesy House Beautiful)
Flowers lighten up every mood. Try arranging some orange flowers next time!


I have a weakness for orange fruit slices. I could eat them all day long...
Truth be told I like all flavored fruit slices ;)

The orange Dreamsicle... memories of my youth... as I walked over to the Good Humor Man and his truck parked in front of the Guggenheim Museum just blocks from our home... (the other flavor I favored was the Chocolate Eclair... if only they could have twixted the two!) 


Tired of this dull and dreary weather?
A bright orange pair of Hunter Wellies will inspire you to jump into all the puddles!
(3 year old tag-alongs not required!)

So many Pashminas and so many colors!
I pick orange to wear with my navy, white or black coat and my bright orange Hunter Wellies!


  Orange happiness perfected!
A girl can dream, can't she?
Birkins are beautiful in orange!

A bit more affordable... every bit as stylish and chic...
I quite fancy Todd's Shade Tote!


I've just met an orange shoe named Reva,
And suddenly my shoes Will never be the same To me. Reva!


Once again... I'm smitten with you Todd!


And soon as these gray skies clear up,
I'll slip into my orange monogrammed Jack Roger sandals and put on a happy face!
On court or off court, these Preppy Crocodiles are calling my name!
I've lost my agenda... with everything in it. I was mad... I was sad... and then I saw this wonderful orange one from Kate's Paperie... surely this happy orange color will help me keep track of it!


This photo album, also from Kate's Paperie, would look handsome in just about any room!


Monogram yourself orange with Ralph Lauren's Design Your Own Polo shirt...
A Preppy Mafia Must have... or they'll Monogram You!

Ralph Lauren Black Label polo... the color of sunshine on a warm June day!


An orange sea horse pillow from Gracious Style would look lovely in my living room!

How fun is this retro telephone?
My grandparents had these in Cannes, corded and only in black and white...
but this amusing and fun phone is even more fun and more amusing in orange! Life needs whimsy!
This Happy Salmon colored medallion rug from Antrhopologie is begging for some bare tootsies!

Fabulous orange and blue rug from ABC Home and Carpet... Happy rugs equal happy feet!


Isn't FIMA's wonderful orange and blue wall plate simply smashing....
Um, perhaps I should choose another word instead!


Le Creuset enamel cookware in Flame from Sur La Table will energize your kitchen!


I simply adore this bright orange runner in this white hallway!
The drama and flair and fun from a splash of color!

(Image Dutch Boy Paints)
Liven up your dining area... let the sun shine in on even the dreariest of days!
Be careful though, orange is said to be one of those colors that stimulates the appetite!


Even Pottery Barn is jumping into the Orange You Happy action!

and... orange where it matters most... in my cocktails, of course!

Isn't orange lovely and wonderful and happy?
And orange you inspired to try a little orange today?