Lobster Platter Details

Because so many of you have asked...

Here is what I did! (And it is very easy.)

I picked a paint color -- this could be cute in so many colors really -- and painted Alexander's hands, one at a time. I had someone at the paint store help me. The person at the paint store held the platter in place as I took Alexander's hand and pressed it firmly against the platter. I repeated the same step with the other hand. (Washing hands immediately after.)
I then painted Alexander's foot and pressed his foot against the platter while the other person held the platter in place. I washed his foot and his job was done. I then carefully went over the hands, foot, fingers and toes with a narrow paintbrush to make the color brighter.

I used a pencil to make an outline of the tail, legs, antennae and eyes that I painted over with a super fine paint brush and black paint. If you are not very adept with a paint brush you may want to look into a pottery marker.

The pottery place then put our platter in the kiln and this was the result!