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Amid Life

Follow me as I share, candidly, with you my journey through divorce and beyond...

Not long ago I launched a new blog, Amid Life. I started sharing some personal stories with my readers and the feedback was tremendous. But The Entertaining House was not the right platform for these stories. So I started Amid Life about my journey through divorce and after. This blog was created  for women looking to reinvent themselves or find themselves in today’s busy world.  It's not really a blog about divorce, but it is a blog about sharing life's challenging moments. I've chosen to share, honestly and candidly, my experiences with others so that other women can have the self confidence they deserve and find their true passions. I have learned a lot along the way. My experiences and lessons learned can help other women and mothers, both single and married. We’re mothers first and we must not let that title define who and what we are. We are so much more and my hope is to help others find their voices and talents, strength and independence so that they can live full and happy lives. We are beautiful and smart and we must remind ourselves daily. My struggles, both personal and professional, have been so very well received by so many of my readers. I am touched by your comments and your emails. I am glad to have inspired you, and please know that you all inspire me!