Haxby :: A new line of luxe fashion for the modern man

Hot New Menswear Brand: Haxby

The term “luxury” doesn’t simply mean a lot of money was spent on a product – luxury means top quality in a lasting, impressive product that comes with an additional sense of pride. Haxby is one of the few clothing brands that can back their claims of luxury with real info on their products and production methods, making their releases all the more impressive. There’s no question that this casual menswear is luxurious in the best sense of the word. Here’s a closer look at this new brand Haxby, which is quickly on the rise in the luxury men’s fashion realm.

The Birth of a Brand

Haxby was founded by Timothy White and Michael Dow. These style fanatics traveled for two years to numerous countries to find the perfect materials and artisans to create their products. Their L.A. based design team provided them with pointers in their Savile Row-inspired designs, which are understated while still leaving quite an impression. Dow and White capitalized on the highest quality denim and optical engineering found in Japan, as well as the most luxurious leather for belts and shoes from Italy. It is evident that their travels did not go to waste.

The Products

Haxby’s premiere collection is comprised of casual menswear that bridges the gap between contemporary and classic style. The innovative blend of current looks and custom methods of craftsmanship make for some of the most impressive accessories and clothing of the season. Here are some of the highlights of this limited edition collection.


Haxby intends to redefine contemporary casual footwear with their leather sneakers, handmade and buffed in Italy. Available as high, mid, or low top sneakers, each with rich Spanish cordovan leather, these shoes transcend the concept of “casual shoe” and make for a great-looking accessory to any outfit, whether for work or for play.


Materials for their jeans have been sourced from Japan and Italy, home to the world’s greatest denim mills. With their in-house design team overseeing the assembly of each pair of jeans, the quality of any pair is guaranteed. If that wasn’t enough, the rivets, zippers, and buttons are plated in 24-karat gold.


Their sunglasses also feature 24-karat yellow or white gold, but their manufacturing pedigree is even more impressive. The Masunaga Optical factory in Japan employs the top optical engineers in the world, and with sunglasses that take 200 manual steps for creation, it’s not hard to see why having the best is crucial to crafting luxury eyewear.


The hand-cast precious metals and precision-cut and polished sapphire crystal used in these belts must be handled with care in production. That’s why the designers rely on craftsmen in Switzerland and Italy, who work with only the finest leathers and materials, to craft these amazing and unique belts. Best of all, the wide range of available colors makes accessorizing easier than ever.

The Haxby team promises a full range of outerwear, knitwear, bags and watches are also on their way, and if their current products are any indication, they will continue to revolutionize casual wear with unique luxury that can be worn every day. After all, it seems that these innovators understand that clothing doesn’t have to be loud to make a statement.

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