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Because I love great food, wine and bubbly, I need to work out. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to try out a brand new work out called Pound. As soon as I did I was immediately hooked. It’s like no workout I have ever experienced before. No wonder it’s the latest craze to hit the workout scene! This new workout is described as “a full-body cardio jam session that combines light resistance with drumming.”

Here's your opportunity to get ready for the beach while you unleash your inner rock-star while you get fit! This complete workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses and can burn between 400 and 900 calories an hour. It's aerobic and it's strength training.

POUND works by combining easy to follow cardio moves with strength training and drumming – a combination that works the entire body. Your instructor will guide you through clear and thoughtful explanations - helping you to focus on the core group of muscles you are working on at that particular moment. There are modifications for each workout from beginner to challenging based on everyone's particular fitness level and ability. No matter your ability you will feel your body working. If you feel you need to increase the intensity of your workout you simply need to POUND harder! As with any fitness program, it is imperative that you listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, speak up or modify your movements.

Each 2-4 minute song is carefully calibrated with interval peaks and extended fat burning sequences, which provides you with the best workout in the shortest span of time. When class is over, and you’re done rocking out to the 45-minute POUNDtrack, you’ll have done 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through over 70 techniques without even realizing it! You'll enjoy a beneficial workout and instant stress relief as you pound your way to fitness! The classes are energizing and invigorating yet when you’re finished with your 45 minute session, you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed - you’ll be in a zen-like state, much like you are after Pilates or yoga.

I happen to prefer working out in classes over using the equipment at the gym. I love the variety and the energy that the classes bring - this is what keeps me coming back. I find that when the work-outs become stagnant and lackluster that I lose my enthusiasm and stop. The best thing is to mix it up - it'll keep you going back for more, and it's the best thing for you and your muscles as well!

Pound has received rave reviews from exercise and fitness gurus across the board, with mentions in The New York Times, Self, Shape, Fitness, Health, InStyle, Elle among many more.

Because POUND is so new, it's not offered everywhere so you'll want to check around. Many gyms offer a free class or free day pass. Take advantage of these for trying out new programs without the commitment.

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