The 1 thing that absolutely everyone must take ...

They say never to judge a book by its cover. Though I most often do.
I'm guilty of doing the same with wine and many other things in life.

We all do. This is why branding, imaging, product development and packaging are so crucial. We buy what we like. We buy what pleases us regardless of the contents. When the product is good we come back for more. When it's not, we move on. 

In life, however, that chance usually doesn't have a pretty label that jumps out at you. Sometimes chance is invisible and other times it is not. We are creatures of habit and like what is familiar and comfortable. But when we stick within the confines and the safety of our comfort zones we miss the most amazing opportunities. So I believe in taking chances both professionally and personally. It's something we all must do!

The above photo was snapped from the label of a lovely bottle of wine we'd had out at a restaurant the other night. We selected a Super Tuscan and the Maitre d' suggested we try this one. Sight unseen we took that chance. And what a fabulous choice it was.

I think it only fitting that today's inspiration should come from a wine bottle label!