Picking a 2014 Kentucky Derby Winner :: It's all in the name!

Are you ready? Are you ready to place your bets? Do you you have a knack for picking a winner? Is it scientific? Do you study the statistics and read up on the incredible history of these horses? Or do you do what I do? Pick the horse with the best name?! In all honesty, choosing the winning-est name, I think, is the most fun of all. There are always such creative names and this year is no different. 

This year's Kentucky Derby Contenders are:
1. Vicar's in Trouble
2. Harry's Holiday
3. Uncle Sigh
4. Danza
5. California Chrome
6. Samraat
7. We Miss Artie
8. General A Rod
9. Vinceremos
10. Wildcat Red
11. Dance With Fate
12. Chitu
13. Medal Count
14. Tapiture
15. Intense Holiday 
16. Comanding Curve
17. Boy
18. Wide On Curling
19. Wicked Strong

Vicar's in Trouble is the top contender at this point. He's one of mine too... based on his name of course!

But Dance with Fate resonates with me... Speaks to me... This is my life right now... I'm Dancing with Fate every day... and so I should place my bet here, but there's one more...

Wicked Strong. I think this is such a great name - Actually it's much more. This Boston area horse was named in honor and in memory of the victims of last year's Boston Marathon bombings... Tugs at the heartstrings doesn't it... We're all a little Boston Strong, aren't we... and well, I happen to like a little wicked too! So, here I am, placing everything I've got on Boston Strong!

For more on this year's contenders visit the Kentucky Derby's official website.

Who's your favorite? Talk Derby to Me!!