10 Inspiring Ideas to for your Memorial Day and Summer Entertaining


Memorial Day marks the official beginning of summer in my mind. Although summer doesn't officially start for another 3 weeks and many schools aren't out for another 2 weeks, I still view it as the beginning of a new season. A season of warmth, and care-free days, lazing at the beach or poolside, evenings outdoors with sparklers, lemonades and glasses of wine for the older folks. Summer is sundresses and afternoons on the hammocks and flip flops. Gardening and grilling. As a working mother I will do my best to juggle my time so that I can spend as much time with my children as I can. My years with them are dwindling. In a few short years my oldest will be off to college. What a different song I am singing these days. I look back just a few short years ago and wondered how I would manage the long hot months of summer. Admittedly they're older now. They don't need to be tended to around the clock. They can, for the most part, take care of themselves. I will arrange for equal amounts of time at camp and equal amounts of time home with me. We will fill our days and seek adventures both great and small. I will figure out how to work and get my projects done in a timely manner and still be there and available to the children so that they're not inside on their iDevices on a gorgeous summer day! We'll start tomorrow (rains are predicted for today) with our first trip to the beach armed with large plastic buckets and look for shells and seaglass and we will return and place our findings out on the porch... In my mind, that always marks the beginning of summer. 

A few simple red, white and blue bandannas can add instant Patriotic decor to your Memorial Day and summer celebration... Used as napkins, or sewn together to create a table cloth, seat cushions for your outdoor table..

An inexpensive flag from the party store can transform a simple jar into a wonderful luminary... glue some twine or rope around an old jar or bottle and you have an instant summery, nautical flair.

A little bit of paint makes everything more fun!

Perhaps whip up some of this Sparkling Lemonade from Annie's Eats

For a different spin on the traditional day, why not try Summer Dogs with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce?!

Nothing says summer like the lobster roll. Here's one with a twist from Food & Wine Magazine.

These beef and pork sliders from on brioche buns from What Katie Ate will turn an ordinary burger into an extraordinary burger!

 Why not be inspired by the French this holiday weekend. 
Try your hand at this Green Been and Potato Salad for a delicious and nutritious spin on things. 
Via The New York Times. 

For a sweet treat with a twist, this angel food cake packs a punch with all the fresh fruit, whipped cream and Grand Marnier! Visit Perpetually Hungry for the recipe.

The View from Great Island has these gorgeous red, white and blue yogurt popsicles.
Inspired? Visit her blog for the recipe.