You're never fully dressed without a smile!

I'm often asked to provide a photograph of myself whenever I have something published. But I'm usually behind the camera and rarely in front of it, and when I am, I'm having fun or being silly, and often there's a glass of something in my hand. These pictures are wonderful candids and I do love them, but sometimes life calls for something a little more serious - a little more, well, sophisticated.

It was time. It is time. And so, here I am... all grown up. It's about time, isn't it?

I asked my dear friend and talented photographer, Marcy Feld of Marcy Feld Photography if she would take some head shots for me. We met in Central Park on a beautiful, warm Friday afternoon. It was our first taste of Spring. Dogs were being walked, children were running around and grown-ups were strolling around enjoying the warmth and the beauty of the oasis within the bustling city.

I just sat there and Marcy worked her magic. The pictures were all lovely. Some we both liked better than others and we agreed as to which came out best. There may or may not have been some Photoshopping done around my eyes. I think Marcy did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of "me," didn't she?

And now I've got something all ready for a book jacket ;)

We had a little bit of fun too...

Life's too short to take yourself to seriously!

Have a wonderful weekend!