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inspirational tuesday... the art of the daydream

Busy is good, right? I love being busy, but I don't like being so busy that I forget to slow down - to stop and look at all the beauty in bloom... the buds are popping and splashes of pale yellows and greens and pinks are all around us. A big storm is headed our way - the trees are swaying and my son's wind chimes are singing sweetly outside the window. It's chilly today - and while it looks like spring it feels like fall. I'm drinking copious amounts of coffee as I draft and edit all my projects. I haven't looked up much in the past couple of weeks, but when I have I've been sure to focus on the beauty that surrounds me. I yearn to head out again with my camera - I think I will this weekend. 

It's Tuesday already. How on earth did that happen?
Tomorrow's mid-week and before we know it the weekend really will be here. I like when time flies. I like to be busy. I like frenziness - I think I made up a new word! But never be so busy that you can't see the small stuff. Look past the big picture and look at the tiny details. That's where the beauty is. 

I believe in the day dream...
I believe in losing oneself, even for a few moments, to imagine the impossible and to dream the greatest dream...

For those of you who are as busy as I have been and yet have made a point of stopping by I hope you'll find some inspiration to lose yourself when you see the images below...

images via tumblr 

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