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I've always had a thing for lofts - those wide, expansive spaces that have a modern, airy industrial feel to them. I fell in love with them when I was in my early 20s. They seemed to me to represent all that I was not yet at that point - They represented a certain amount of success as lofts in Manhattan are pricey. They represented elegance and sophistication and they represented artistry, creativity and freedom. In my early 20s I wanted and aspired to be all that. Still a bit awkward, having not left my teen years that long ago, I wanted to be sophisticated and "grown up" one day. I was doing my best to conform to what I thought society expected from me but I was a creative - an artist with an incredible imagination and more than anything I was a free spirit who hated to be confined to anything. I suppose, though I am much older now, with double the years and a certain amount of sophistication, I am still an artist, a creative, a free-spirit and I still hate to be tied down and confined. I would still love to have a loft somewhere high in the sky. A loft with great, tall ceilings, with exposed brick, beams and ducts. A space that is raw and sparse and industrial and rather harsh but can be transformed and softened and manipulated into anything at all... I'd chose elegant and artsy. I'd bask in the light of the oversized windows... I'd paint... I'd write... looking down at the great city below me, I would be inspired... and sometimes I would sit and just stare at the world around me and below me and I would just soak it all in. Of course I would have lovely dinner parties in my open, expansive space with great food and drink and friends and laughter... and I wouldn't worry about the dishes after they'd all leave late, late, late into the night hours... I shouldn't as living in a loft brings with it a sort of carefree attitude... Maybe I should pick up a lottery ticket...

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