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Tom Dixon

In my mind as long as I have a great book, great food and a great kitchen I'm in heaven! If I can't have the latter, give me a great book and great food. I love books - I don't have the time I once did to completely lose myself in them, but I love them nonetheless. Give me a great story where I can lose myself in the plot, admire the scenery and fall in love with the characters. Or give me a book filled with beautiful photographs, that I can savor and enjoy. Or give me a cookbook. Give me a cookbook that I can read from front to back and all over again. With pages that are marked from notes in pencil or flagged with bits of paper to mark my favorite recipes or recipes that I must try... or marked from spatterings of whatever dish it is I am making or wine I am pouring. I love beautiful, image-filled cookbooks, as well as the instructional, informational varieties a la Fanny Farmer, Julia Child and Joy of Cooking. In my mind, I've created my own kitchen library. Mine would have copious amounts of books, and of course a library ladder - No library is complete without a ladder!

One day I was scouring various websites for images for an article I was writing and I came across the image above. There isn't a thing I don't love. The lighting is fantastic, isn't it?! But look at the shelving with all the books. Isn't it positively magnifique? I am sure I would spend 95% of my day in that very room! From that image I was inspired to find others. I will one day have my own kitchen library. I will lend you my books... as soon as I find a beautiful old card catalogue!

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