DIFFA, Dining by Design at the Architectural Digest Home Design , Part 2

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids - DIFFA - Thirty years of providing treatment and care to those who are living with AIDS. Each year at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, design leaders and visionaries create the most spectacular tables for a wonderful event called Dining by Design. If you've not read my other piece about DIFFA's Dining By Design do scroll down after reading this to see some of the other magnificent tables featured.

What do Maya Romanoff, Pinocchio and King Midas have in common? Read on to find out!

In this visually stunning display Kara Mann plays tribute to Maya Romanoff , artist and philanthropist, who recently passed away. Here Kara uses hand-dyed fabrics for which Maya was so well known, and emphasizes the the way he believed color should be seen, and the craftsmanship upon which he founded his studio.  Bold and vibrant color appears throughout which play off the rich velveteen, leather, and silk-paneled draping which anchor the space. The space becomes a textural delight that appeals to all the senses. 

Mann said that she "wanted the space to have a bohemian feel and to pay tribute to the fact that Maya's business was built upon his tie-dye art... And though the company has evolved greatly, true artistry remains at its core."

I haven't seen too much written about this next table that was created by Jes Gordon with The Fashion Institute of Technology. As I walked along from one incredible table to the next this next amazing display had me stop dead in my tracks. I looked at it.... It looked like the inside of a fish... And as I looked I got it almost immediately! It was a fish, but not just any fish. It was the inside of a whale! But it wasn't the inside of just any whale, it was the inside of Pinocchio's whale! 

I just love the message that was posted next to the display:

"Believing in yourself is the first step in bettering your life. Even when we cannot find hope, there exists a desire to reach higher and find the bravery within ourselves.

When Pinocchio enters the belly of the whale he is lonely, lost and afraid. He is trying to run away and is trapped inside his own battles. He gains courage and the strength to emerge. His positive outlook towards change helps him escape his negative thoughts and feelings.

Just like Pinocchio trapped inside the belly of the whale, the most challenging times of our lives can lead us to a more positive journey. We can fight our own battles, we are strong and determined to take on anything standing in our way. All we need is a little bit of courage."

I encourage you to look at the images below very closely so that you can see all the detail as it pertains to the story.

Below we have the table by Arteriors. Here they explore the concept of Midas walking through the jungles of Bali, transforming natural elements with his touch. They created a unique fusion of Indonesian materials and textures with golden finishes. Eye-catching lights that resemble fireworks shine down on the moody darkness of the organic table and sculptures. Whimsy cannot be overlooked as gilded ants scuttle along the tablescape. 

I hope you enjoyed my selections, and I encourage you all to stop by if you are in the New York City area next year during the Architectural Digest Home Design Show!

Of the tables I have showcased, which was/were your favorite/s?
What elements did you like the best?
I hope these gave you some inspiration for your next gathering!