Stylish notes on decor :: Nice knockers, baby!


Before your guests enter your home they will have a sense of what the inside is like. Perhaps it's the front yard, your walkway, or the beautifully planted flower boxes. The exterior of your home is often an accurate representation of the inside of your home. If your lawns are well manicured, well planted and pristine, most likely the inside of your home will be well cared for as well. 

But sometimes, the best indication of your style, home and personality might just be the very thing that announces the arrival of your guests - your door knocker! A door knocker can let your guests know whether you are whimsical and fun loving, passionate about sports or animals, or anything else for that matter. Your knocker may make someone feel very welcome or may put a smile on someone's face... someone may be so inclined to tell you that you have nice knockers!


We hope this put a smile on your face!
Happy Monday!