Stylish notes on decor :: Blue

Blue is America's color. We are a shy people when it comes to our interiors. We prefer the beiges and greiges to the bright, eye-popping colors that are used so frequently and loved so dearly in Europe. We tend to be more reserved. More conservative. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule and we see them throughout the shelter magazines. But the general population seems to have a fear of color. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of breaking the rules too perhaps. But rules are meant to be broken. Nothing adds character and personality to a home like color. If there is a color we do use, it's blue. We use it a lot. We use it in all shades and we use it in all rooms. Perhaps it's because blue speaks to us all. Blue is the sky and blue is the ocean. Blue is nature. It is peaceful and calming. Blue is serene. It eases stress. It relaxes instantly. It's a cool hue. It's one color that works well in any room of a home. Blue is a color that transcends all decorating styles. It's modern and it's classic. It's hip and youthful, yet wise and sage. Blue can be incredibly elegant and yet as casual as denim.

If you've been thinking of adding some color to your space but aren't sure where to start, why not look up toward the sky, or out to the sea. Paint your walls. Paper your walls. Tile your walls. And if that is too extreme you can always add splashes and textures through fabrics. Blue may perhaps be the most versatile of colors - one that is truly suitable to any home and any style.

images via:
Architectural Digest, Pinterest, Tumblr, Miles Redd, Thibault Walpaper, ElleDecor, Carolyn Roehm