Stylish notes on decorating with greens :: Slow and Simple Christmas Decor

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In keeping with my slow and simple movement for the holidays, I thought I'd share some simple and yet beautiful ways to add Christmas cheer throughout your home. Whether you go outside and cut branches from your own trees and bushes, or you go to the store to buy trees, wreaths and garlands, you can use these very greens, or bits and pieces of these very greens to add or enhance your Christmas decor. You'll be amazed by how something so simple can look so elegant and sublime. Pieces of your pine tree can be placed in jars, vases, and bowls, either alone with fruit, berries and nuts, or beautiful ornaments. Cut branches with berries still in tact need no additional enhancement of their own, simply place them in a vase, or a simple glass bottle for instant holiday cheer. Wreaths make the beginnings of wonderful centerpieces, or let them stand alone, resting against a photograph, mirror or wall... You may choose to dress them up or not. There's beauty in their simplicity. Have you tried decorating with boxwood instead of pine? While it doesn't have that magical pine scent that is so very much a part of the season, boxwood is festive, beautiful and durable, and I happen to love that you needn't constantly worry about ever falling pine needles!

We're still very much in the process of decking our own halls here at The Entertaining House, we tend to take this process slowly, changing a few things along the way. We haven't gotten our tree yet. I think that will be part of this weekend's festivities!

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Wishing you all an inspirational, productive and festive Monday!