Stylish Notes on a Sunday Morning :: Take it slow and Make it simple

We're all about the rush rush rush and rarely do we make it a point to slow down, take it easy and make it simple. Our lives are tangled webs and caught in those webs are obligations, responsibilities - to ourselves, our families, to others - our careers, family, activities, errands, chores and the daily grind. We owe it to ourselves to spin a new web, a smaller, lovelier web with the trappings of rest and peace and happiness - whatever that means to you - a good book, a lovely cup of coffee, a warm mug of tea, a roaring fire, a hot bath, a long nap, a good movie... Just a few hours, even 20 minutes will do. A little time out makes all the difference.

My favorite kind of day is a day that is mixed with both productivity and relaxation. I hope you all have a relaxing and productive day ahead. Don't be sad that tomorrow is Monday, be glad that today is Sunday and you have the entire day ahead of you to do and make and be whatever you wish! 

Where are you journeying to today?