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There's something about a can of spray paint. It's like magic. There's something about a can of gold spray paint. It IS magic. It's amazing how the simplest of items can be so magically transformed. A little paint adds elegance and glamor without any effort at all. I find gold to be dramatic and luxurious and very festive. Gold complements any holiday decor. There's no better or easier way to dress up your home or your holiday table, whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or any holiday for that matter, than with the addition of a few simple gold things. If your style is more relaxed look no farther than out your window...

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via The Entertaining House

I spray painted these pine cones with an antique gold last year. Some were arranged in a large glass bowl, with gold balls of varying sizes, and some were placed on a platter with acorns, also spray painted, and a large pillar candle to dress up a coffee table. I've painted all sorts of shells and twigs and river rocks. The possibilities are endless! And what I love most about spray paint, it's fool proof, mistake proof. Really, try for yourself!

Below are some lovely images to help inspire you.

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Now while these taxis may not be the appropriate vehicle for Thanksgiving - I believe these were for a wedding - why not find some small plastic sail boats and paint those gold. What fun for a children's table!

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The salt and pepper dishes made from oyster shells and some gold paint are absolutely stunning.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, have you started your planning?