Stylish notes from the Kitchen :: Le Creuset

For as long as I can remember I've coveted Le Creuset. I was first introduced to this brand over 20 years ago after graduating college and taking a part time job at Williams-Sonoma while I embarked on my search of a real job - one that would eventually lead me to my career. Williams-Sonoma wasn't a bad place to start. After all I loved food, cooking and anything pertaining to the kitchen. There, I learned so much - I learned about the craft of cooking and the art of all the wonderful products sold at the stores. My discounts were generous and plentiful and at the end of the day I came home with incredible knowledge and incredible product. It was there I was introduced to Le Creuset. It was there I began to covet these wonderful, brightly colored kitchen pieces. As I was building my own kitchen I knew enough to start small and end big. With my limited income (that went right back into the store!) I started to build my kitchen. I left before I had the chance to pick up my Le Creuset. Real world and real life expenses prohibited any purchase of such a luxurious item. I was starting to learn the difference between want and need, and how vastly different they were.

Then I got engaged and I got to register for the items I wanted, and needed. I can't remember if the Le Creuset Dutch oven made it onto that list or not. My list was filled with all the things other newlyweds dream of. I registered at Williams-Sonoma, Tiffany & Co. and Crate & Barrel and Michael C Fina. Don't judge! I knew, at that point, that if I didn't register for such things it may be a long time, if ever, before we'd get ourselves such lavish items. In the end we did well. Very well. We got the flutes from Tiffany's, the formal place settings and silverware from Michael C Fina, stems, pots and pans (Calphalon and All-Clad) and various accessories from Williams-Sonoma. Many came to us on our wedding day, and many more were given to us through the years for Birthdays and Christmas. I adored all that I had but still longed for a Dutch Oven. This was not something I would ever buy myself and not something I asked for or got for Birthdays or Christmas... and those gifts indeed were very generous and very very lovely. But they never included a Dutch Oven.

And so, with Christmas around the corner, I am asking Santa for a Dutch Oven. Since my divorce I've been slowly rebuilding my kitchen... most of which was left behind... and I think my kitchen and I really need a Dutch Oven. There's a lot we still want and need for our new home, but the Dutch Oven tops my list. In this soup and stew weather, it is something that will be used and will make me happy. So, Dear Santa, this year I'd like a Dutch Oven please. I think I've been pretty good this year. But my dilema is this - I'm a bit stuck on the color. There are a few I adore and I am partial to the original orange color. Orange is just such a happy color. But I am in a rental now and my home and my kitchen are temporary. I'd love in the next 5 or so years to be in a kitchen of my own... designed by me with colors chosen by me. But I can't live in the future and I don't know where I will be or what I'll like then... So perhaps I should live for the moment and buy for the moment. And then eventually I will build my Le Creuset collection, and maybe instead of sticking with one color, I mix and match all the colors! That's so much more my style anyhow - I'd hate to pigeonhole myself! And so, Dear Santa, while I would prefer the original orange or the lighter celery colored green, I'll take any color and I'll be so very very happy!

What do you all think? Do you have a favorite color?