Stylish notes from the city :: New York City

I'd love nothing more than to start a photography blog... I'd call it Life is Better with a Zoom. But I know better than to do this. Maybe one day... maybe. Meantime I'll share some of my favorite photographs here.

One of my favorite places to photograph is New York City. I may look very much the tourist with my camera and serious lenz in tow, but what I shoot is very much New York. New York in it's raw, gritty, sometimes grimy, and honest state. New York and New Yorkers as they are... as they really are.

I see things that many people don't. There are a couple of reasons why I think this is the case. People are too busy, always rushing to get somewhere, to their next appointment, meeting, work, a dinner engagement. It's rush rush rush. And it's not as though they're not looking because they are, but they're seeing the larger image... the landscape as a whole, and not the minute detail within. It's the details, after all that tell the real story.

I'm a writer - published - and as a writer I'm all about the detail, the nuances, the colors, personalities... the descriptions. Perhaps the writer in me is conditioned to seeing the tiny but very significant detail and this lends itself to my photography. My photography is a hobby, while I have been published I would never consider myself a photographer.I have so much to learn. There's so much I do not know. But I know this. I have an eye. I have a vision. I see things that so many people miss. I've always been this way. I've always focused on the detail, ever since I got my first Canon when I was 13 years old. So, much of what I see is nature, and how I see is nurture.

Let me share some of my New York... how I see the people and the city and all that is beautiful and odd and all that makes her spectacular and all that makes her quite sad. Her sights, her sounds, her aromas, her textures...


The large clock at the center of Grand Central Station tops the information booth where people from around the world gather to get information, train schedules and meet up. I love all the languages heard in this one building and although purely New York City, this is truly and international place. Have you ever seen it close up?

New York has recently embarked on a bicycle rental program. Not too many people took advantage of the bikes in the rain.

While a relatively young city - at least when compared to the cities of Europe - there are some absolutely incredible old world architectural details. 

Only in New York do people carry their wheels with them!

I hadn't intended on taking a picture of this mailbox but I noticed something funny, something peculiar... Can you see it?

A banana? I mean who leaves a banana behind? And on a mailbox? Was it really too heavy to carry?

There was a garbage can just at the end of the block... Sometimes I just wonder about people...

The big dig. Even in the big city little boys squeal with delight at the construction trucks who are busy at work. Here they're not building something new, but replacing something old - an old corroded water pipe needed to be replaced.

The subway is at the heart of any major city. New York's is infamous...

Birds on a wire. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many birds on a wire in New York before!

Not too many people enjoy a good meal outdoors in the rain... I envisioned a group of ghosts, perhaps New Yorkers from the past reunited to talk about how wonderful - or terrible - the city is now with all our traffic, noise, congestion... 

She's one of my absolute favorite buildings... her history is rich, her architecture is magnificent and the stories she holds within her walls incredible, touching, inspiring, wondrous...

Above Grand Central, The Met Life building, seems to disappear into eternity. The fog was intense!

The Eagle has landed! The symbol of America and Americanism graces the elegant and magnificent Grand Central Terminal

I will share more street images and images of the people of  New York tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, magical and Happy Monday1