A November walk to remember...

Armed with nothing more than my iPhone I set out on a 3 mile walk... slowly, steadily easing my way back into exercise after throwing my back out 2 weeks ago. I started out at a significant pace but on my way home I knew I had to capture the spectacular beauty all around. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon and it was slightly overcast with the sun low on the horizon. At times the sky was bright and and the sun's rays seemed to make the flaming leaves even brighter, and there were moments when sky seemed almost white. I played around with the new iOS settings and captured some black and white shots as well. It's amazing how different an object appears when shot in color as well as in black and white - how the composition takes on an altogether different meaning. I love to shoot this time of year - the month starts out vibrantly with bursts of intense color and ends with almost no color whatsoever. I love to watch the progression of it all. 

My town has started painting all of its fire hydrants. Aren't they positively wonderful?!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


*all images property of Jessica Gordon Ryan and The Entertaining House