Stylish notes on living a well lived life

Living a well lived life has nothing to do with pomp and circumstance. It has nothing to do with material possessions, and all the luxuries that money can buy. It's so much simpler and so much more complex. Living a well lived life is about getting out there and seeing. It's about learning and discovering. It's about everything that money can't buy. It's about appreciation and gratitude. It's about growing and evolving. It's about achieving and celebrating. It's about being inspired and inspiring others. It's about living a life that is complete and whole. It has nothing at all to about having, and everything to do about giving. A well lived life is filled with color and adventure. It has to do with exploring and taking chances and seizing opportunities, growing, learning, making friends and establishing deep connections. Living a well lived life means laughing, and crying, taking chances and going far out of your comfort zone. It's about talking to people and learning to see things from a new light. A life well lived is a life that is constantly evolving.

Living a well lived life has nothing to do with the car you drive, the way you dress, where you shop or the vacations you take. After all, what good are those things if you have no place to go and no one to share them with and no one to tell your stories to? And if you don't try new things, accept new challenges, open yourself up to new opportunities, you're not going any where and you're not living, and certainly not living any life that's well lived.

I've had a challenging, fairly draining, inspirational and reflective week. I've been pulled in many directions. Life challenged me and I challenged myself. I've taken a stance and I took a chance. I've mulled over and I've contemplated. I've done a lot of soul-searching. I've achieved new goals. And then I realized - I realized that I can. I realized that anything is possible. I realized that I can prove people wrong and I can encourage and inspire... I can be a great role model. I can add laughter and light. I can teach. And I can learn -  all while meeting deadlines and accepting new tasks and taking care of sick children that involved a trip to the hospital. It has been one of those weeks. A dear friend loves to call me Whirling Dervish and really I'm not. But this week I was. And still, I made time to live and see...

And then it struck me, this thing on living a well lived life. It's so much more than material acquisition, isn't it. In fact, it's about everything that material objects are not! And yes, one must work hard to live a well lived life, to earn the experiences, because a life not truly lived is no life at all!

In order to live a well lived life one must:

·    Dream
·       Hope 
·       Inspire
·       Be Inspired
·       Aspire
·       Focus
·       See
·       Hear
·       Taste
·       Touch
·       Share
·      Teach
·  Be passionate
·       Encourage
·       Mentor
·    Take Chances
·       Risk
·       Seize Opportunities
·     Face Fear
·       Travel, as near or as far as life can take you


Because, in the end, everything really will be alright...
Sometimes, instead of paddling against the current, we need to drop our oars and let the current guide us...

There's my philosophical thought for the day...
Sometimes we all need to sit back, reflect and contemplate in order to move forward.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend - and one that's well lived!