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When is it ok to start wearing velvet again?

Are there any true rules to this? I tried to do a little research but the results were thin and varied. So, I'm going to create my own rules - or rewrite existing rules to better fit modern times. Because, I do believe that if done properly, everything is a go. Take a look at my white jean fixation. I no longer pack these up after Labor day. They stay out year round... and get worn in a weather-appropriate manner. If it's still 80 degrees in September then I pair them with sandals and a thin, crisp shirt. If it's in the 50s then a cute pair of flats and a dark, thick warm sweater or lightweight jacket (corduroy, quilted, for eg) are perfect. But what about velvet?

In the past the velvet would sit in my closet for quite some time. Perhaps I brought it out right around Halloween or shortly thereafter. Now, I do live in New England where Mother Nature tends to get a bit bi-polar in respect to our weather... it's perfectly normal to have the heat on one day, and the air-conditioning the next. Still, I'd be remiss in telling you to put on your little Lilly Pulitzer sundress even when the temperatures are high.

But now I have a question that needs pondering. A stylish question that I've never had to give much thought to before... You see I'm in the midst of packing for my great BlogTourLondon adventure. The weather there, now, is meh. Eh. So-so. Mezza-mezza. In other words, it's your pretty standard, typical British weather. Cloudy with a chance of rainfalls. Mid 60s. So brisk. Cool. Damp. My summer clothes shall stay behind this trip. Virgin allows us 1 bag of up to 50 lbs. I think I can manage that. But I have 7 days of outfits for cooler weather to plan for. I will need pants, shoes, boots, jeans, sweaters (unless you're a Brit, then it's a "jumper") a couple of dresses for nighttime affairs and dinner dates... and I shall need some sort of outerwear... And this is where my dilemma lies... my question to ponder...

Is it ok to wear velvet in September? I am not talking about September in the Carolinas, Florida or Texas. I am talking about velvet in cool, brisk, grey London.... and here, I shall answer my own question with a yes.

I have a little lightweight velvet jacket that hits just above the knee - much like the one in the above photo. It's too light to be worn on its own in the wintertime. I've worn it with everything from the little black dress (LBD) and heels to jeans both denim and white, and with heels and boots. So seeing that all these items are headed into my suitcase, I'm going to defy any existing and antiquated rules. I am going to answer my own question and I am going to tell myself to go for it. I truly believe, these days, if it looks appropriate then it should be worn!

And you know I especially love the velvet worn with the white!

What do you think?

Is chilly September ok to wear velvet?



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