"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"


This marks it, the official end of summer... last days of swimming in oceans and jumping into lakes and diving into pools... straw hats, sunglasses and bathing suits will be put away for awhile... We'll enjoy our last picnics... the slow, lazy days are now behind us and we move, full steam ahead into fall and the frenzied craziness of the season. Those of us with kids welcome the stability and routine of school but these schedules will grab hold of us and run our lives for the next few months.  We'll juggle work and school and all their crazy activities and sports and some days we'll be glad that this semblance of normalcy has returned, yet longing for the slow-paced and unstructured days of summer... if only for a moment of two. We'll miss the ocean and the warm sun on our shoulders but we warmly welcome fall and her majestic colors and breathtaking views... we'll continue to toast s'more wrapped in wool blankets and sweaters... We'll trade the air conditioners for fire places... cold beers for warm mugs of cocoa and tea... we'll jump in leaves and watch football games... we'll gather falling leaves and acorns and pine cones... we'll bake apple pies with the apples that we've picked... we'll carve pumpkins after picking the most perfect one... we'll simmer soups and stews on the stove top and the aromas will warm us to the core... We'll embrace the beauty and the ways of the new season...

So long summer... you've been good and kind to us and we'll hold a special place for you in our hearts and in our memories forever!






we heart it

Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day!