Stylish notes on fashion :: We are Mad for Plaid!


Plaid dominated the Fall 2013 Runways and now it seems to be everywhere in the glossies. This fall trend is a true classic that has stood the test of time for generations past as it most likely will for generations to come. Plaid, known as Tartan by our brothers and sisters across the Pond traces its roots to Scotland where it is best known perhaps as the symbolic national dress. (Prior to that, however, this pattern consisting of both horizontal and vertical stripes can be traced to both Austria and China.) The colors and patterns were adopted by Scottish clans and families. Many such tartans are still popular today, such as Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Old Campbell and, of course, my own personal favorite, Gordon Plaid ;) During the Victorian era when chemical dyes became more prevalent colors and patterns were brought to new levels and the more colorful dress plaids were introduced. Now there are reported to be as many as 14,000 variations of this print.

In the US plaid is synonymous with old world Preppy couture, holiday wear, children's school uniforms, warm woolen blankets, flannel shirts worn by hunters and farmers and by the young rockers of the 1990s. It's synonymous with fall and cooler weather and the holiday season that seems to be looming around the corner. This fun, festive, casual yet elegant and sophisticated print is big in both men's and women's fashion this season and as soon as the weather cools, we'll be seeing many variations on our busy streets.


Brooks Brothers


Issey Miyake

Mossimo Men


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Louis Vuitton


And below, my own personal favorite!