Stylish notes on Fashion :: the little white T...

Another absolute must. Another absolute necessity in every girl's wardrobe is the little white T.This one item, whether in long, short-sleeved or tank form is perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing you will own. Because it can be worn with jeans, a little skirt, a long skirt or with dress pants, the little white T is the perfect clothing chameleon! I own several and they vary ever so slightly - some are more fitted than others, sleeve lengths and necklines vary slightly too. Because I get so much use from mine, they do need to be replaced from time to time - generally about once a year - as they tend to dull and grey ever so slightly over time. A well fitted T is crucial. If you can get away with wearing a looser fitting T, it should be tucked in and belted, or worn with a cute pair of leggings and flats...  If you can get away with wearing a looser fitting T, it should be tucked in and belted, or worn with leggings and flats. Anything resembling one that may belong to your father, boyfriend/husband or brother should be kept to the gym... or used as a nightshirt. 

I admit to loving my little white Ts with jeans. It's my easy-no-though-involved-means to getting dressed. A well fitted little white T and a pair of jeans. When I wrote about my love affair with blue jeans in Forever in Blue Jeans I talked about my need to look polished with as minimal effort as possible. I mentioned that I needed something easy and comfortable for when I am home with the kids, or home writing. Yet I needed something that can easily be transformed from casual to sophisticated with no effort whatsoever... I did mention, in that same post, that I am lazy, and therefore the transformation from relaxed to chic must require minimal effort! Well nothing could be more simple than tossing a pretty cardigan and some pearls or a lovely jacket over your little white T... slip into a cute pair of heels, apply some mascara, a little color to your lips and cheeks and voila... you've been transformed!  

The little white T should play a large role in every girl's wardrobe!



*all images via Pinterest