Stylish Notes on Fashion :: Forever in blue jeans...

I'm all about ease and simplicity. I do not like anything to be complicated or fussy. I have no patience or tolerance for complicated or fussy. Maybe it's because I am lazy... or perhaps it's because there's so much more that I'd rather be doing. I'm simply not the type to fuss about how I dress and spend hours planning an outfit, fussing with my hair and doing my makeup. A ponytail, some lipstick, mascara and a little bronzer work perfectly for me. In the summertime I love my little dresses. Easy sundresses (JmcLaughin Maria Halter tops) make life simple. I wear them with flip-flops (Old Navy, in assorted colors) during the day and with pretty heels, mules or slingbacks at night. Perhaps I'll even toss on a chunky pearl necklace for good measure. Effortless. It's what I'm about and it's what works for me. During the day I'm either home with the children (during the summertime) or I'm writing. I need to be comfortable while I write. I hate to feel constricted. An easy day to evening outfit that I can dress up or down is what I'm all about.

Enter fall and the cooler weather. I will soon be bidding farewell to my little dresses and breaking out my jeans. My beloved blue jeans. They make me so happy! Jeans are so easy. I pair them with a little white T-shirt and there's my work outfit. If I'm cold I will toss on a cute cardigan or pullover - cashmere these days as wool makes me so very itchy! If I need to meet a client or if I have a meeting or lunch date and therefore need to look a bit more presentable I can toss some pearls on over my sweater or I'll take off the sweater and toss on a jacket or blazer. I've been collecting jackets and blazers and I've built quite the collection over the years - all different styles and all different colors. A cute pair of ballet flats or a pretty pair of heels for a more sophisticated look completes my outfit. You'd never imagine I'd been lounging in jeans and a T-shirt all day! Not all jeans styles are for every body. I cannot (cannot cannot cannot!) wear the boyfriend jean, but there are styles that I can wear that are comfortable and do look well on me. Those are the styles I stick with.

I hate to leave the house looking unpolished and there's really no need to. Again, I do this as simply, without fuss, as possible. Most of the time you'll see me with my hair pulled back into a simple ponytail or loose bun. A pair of large pearl earrings polishes off my lazy look!

I think jeans are much more acceptable today. Society has become more casual but jeans have also become dressier. I'm not sure I would wear jeans to a dinner party, but I wear them out to dinner all the time.

Below ... it starts with a pair of jeans and a little white T...
By simply adding a sweater or jacket, flats or pumps, a casual outfit is magically transformed.
And because of this I will be forever in blue jeans!

it all started with jeans and a little wihte T....

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