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I'm not really all that certain when my fascination for old trunks began. I believe I was in my 20s when I saw and fell in love with a grand old steamer trunk. It was so stately, elegant, and masculine. I was living in Greenwich (Connecticut) in a very small walk up apartment with two roommates.We barely had enough room for the furniture we already had, let alone trying to find a place for anything else. 

A couple of years later, engaged and in a larger home, my then fiance and I had been to an antique store in a remote-ish part of Rhode Island where I saw and fell in love with yet another trunk. This one, less grand and less ornate, I knew immediately would become our coffee table. It's served as such for over 15 years now and remains, to this day, one of my most favorite pieces of furniture. Trunks are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. In addition to serving as a elegant substitute for a table, they are wonderful sources for creating extra storage space. 

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We immediately had a large, thick piece of glass cut to size and placed over the top of the trunk so that it would not get damaged from beverages and children. I would highly recommend you do the same as well.