Summer like it Hot!

We're havin' a heat wave!
And are we ever...
I don't remember heat quite like this as a child. But I wasn't home in the city then. I was up in the Adirondack Mountains or swimming along the Cote D'azur where I spent my days in the bluest and clearest waters... where fish nibbled at your toes and where the octopi hung out wrapping their arms around the legs of the docks. And you'd scream as you swam close with the hopes they wouldn't wrap their legs around you! I remember cool and salty breezes and swimming and playing in the sand for hours. I remember eating les sandwiches au saucisson and drinking icy cold Orangina and "protecting" from sunburn with my Orange Bain de Solieil Gelee, N4... that scent will forever remind me of summertime!

As we step in front of fans and air conditioners today, let's just momentarily close our eyes and pretend we're in the South of France... idyllic, creamy, refreshing, relaxing...

Ah, the power of the daydream!