Stylish notes on food :: Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Do you know how this feted day came to be? Read below to find out!

Meanwhile why don't you plan on taking the kids out to their favorite local ice cream store... or venture out a try a new one! I think we will be taking a stab at making our own ice cream today. Yesterday while I was weeding next to the house I found this massive raspberry bush right next to the garage! Most of the berries were intact as they had been covered up by the vines. As I did more weeding and pruning I discovered more raspberry bushes... Perhaps as many as a dozen in the woods next to my property. Raspberry bushes are very prickly things so I think later today we'll coat ourselves in bug spray, pull on some jeans, long sleeves and gardening gloves and go berry picking. Maybe we'll make raspberry ice cream... or maybe we'll just sprinkle some on top! How will you have your ice cream today?

If you want to try your hand at homemade ice cream David Leibowitz has a fabulous method that doesn't require and ice cream maker. We have one of those ice cream balls, and we adore it, but I think we are going to try David's method today!

If for some reason you can't have your ice cream today, fear not, it's ice cream month there's still a week left in July! (You may want to mark your calendars in advance for next year, so you don't miss out!)

Now read on and you will see how this day came to be!

It was after President Reagan's proclamation that the 3rd Sunday of every July became National Ice Cream Day... so raise a spoon, raise a cone and let's make a toast to National Ice Cream Day!